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Clean Cut Tree Services offer stump grinding services to remove unwanted tree stumps. This service is offered for existing tree stumps left behind from previous tree removals or can be included as part of your tree removal service.

Tree stumps can be unsightly, create trip hazards and provide a home to unwanted termites. So, it’s always best to remove the stump wherever possible. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to remove a tree stump is to have a stump grinder grind the remaining stump away to just below ground level. This leaves you with a nice flat and even surface, like the tree was never there.

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A stump grinder is a tracked machine that has a rotating toothed wheel. This wheel spins to turn the teeth and chip away at the timber tree stump. The operator moves the machine from side to side covering the entire stump area. As the wheel spins and the stump is slowly ground down, it mixes small woodchips with the surrounding soil. This mixture of grindings is left behind and used to back-fill the hole of where the stump once was.


Its always a good idea to check your access to make sure there’s enough room for the machine to access your tree stump and has enough room around the stump to fully remove it.

Our stump grinding machine is approximately 900mm wide. In order to fully access your tree stumps we require approximately 1 meter wide access and a nice clear space around the tree stump, and surface roots. Tree stumps up against concrete paths, fences and on top of retaining walls may be difficult to access and may result in partial grinding

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Because stump grinding digs below the ground it has the potential to damage any shallow laid underground services such as plumbing pipes, Telstra cables and irrigation systems. We strongly advise against stump grinding in areas that are likely to be near these services. If you are unsure of your service locations a copy of the plans can be sourced from Dial Before you Dig. For larger projects where more detailed markings and locations are required contact a professional service locator such as Provac.


Anyone who has ever experienced a tree falling in their yard can tell you how scary such an experience can be; dead and dying trees can easily fall and damage your home, garage as well as power lines even if the wind isn’t very strong.

It is always important to ensure that weak or unhealthy trees are removed before they cause damage in order to ensure safety for your family and property. Once a tree has fallen, you need to look for tree stump removal services before any more damage is caused to your property.

The tree may be gone but its roots are left firmly stuck in the ground and over the course of time the old pieces of bark and roots will start decomposing and attract insects and pests while in other cases they will actually start spreading disease on your lawn. The only way to take care of this problem is to contact Clean Cut Tree’s for all your Gold Coast stump removal needs..

For homeowners who love to see clean, green and beautiful yards, nothing is more annoying than being confronted with an old stump rotting away in front of their yards.

We will take care of any old roots that were connected to the fallen or removed tree and after we are finished our expert team members  will clean up all the debris so that you are left with a beautiful garden or lawn again.

The guys turned up on time, they were professional, and did a fantastic job, they left the job-site clean and were very helpful. No messing around and no damage to anything.   I would recommend your company to every-one I know, especially out here on acreage blocks. Thank you very much.

Kerry – Advancetown


Thanks for a great experience with Clean Cut Tree Services. You have acted professionally throughout the whole process from quoting my job to completion of the job. The boys did a great job and left the property with no mess.

Ben – Upper Coomera



Tree stumps may not always be accessible with your stump grinder. What are your options when this is the case?

Full Stump Removal – Depending on the size of your tree stump this can be done by hand or with an excavator. If you intend on using an excavator to remove the entire root ball, let us know and we’ll leave the stump high to assist with the excavation. If you’ve got a small stump that you plan to dig by hand, try waiting a few months first to let the poison take effect. As the stump starts to decay the timber will soften and may be easier to remove.

Burning the stump – If you have enough clear space and the stump is dry enough than can be burnt. This is something that should only be undertaken in appropriate conditions. The success of this method will be determined on the type of timber and how dry the timber is. Wet timber and palm stumps don’t tend to burn very successfully.

Make is a feature – Sometimes stump removal just isn’t possible, or not worth the sacrifice of your surrounding garden. Why not check out Pinterest or other DIY sites for inspiration on how to make your tree stump a new stand out feature amongst your garden.

If you have a tree stump you’d like ground phone our team on 0405 057 101 to discuss your stump grinding options.

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