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Need tree lopping in Labrador? The talented team at Clean Cut Trees can get the job done right when you need it. We provide professional service and specialist solutions for the maintenance and removal of trees in Labrador and surrounding suburbs.

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Our Services

Tree Lopping Services

Hire a professional tree lopper to remove dead or diseased branches, overhanging branches and to improve structural integrity and prepare it for storm season.

Tree Pruning Labrador

Let us expertly trim your trees to improve their health and ensure they remain safe. Pruning can thin canopies, remove unwanted branches and enhance a tree’s appearance.

Palm Tree Removal + Tree Removal Labrador

We offer fast, safe and reliable tree removal in Labrador. We have the technical skills and equipment required to achieve outstanding results.

Tree Maintenance

Keep your trees healthy and growing strong with our regular maintenance service. Our licensed and insured tree doctors can give you all the expert advice you need.

Stump Grinding

We’ll remove unwanted tree stumps with state-of-the-art machinery and leave your land looking flat and workable.

Why Trust Clean Cut Trees?

We're Locals

As locals, we have a deep understanding of Gold Coast tree species and can offer expert advice about the trees growing in your yard. We can also provide up-to-date information about Gold Coast Council regulations.


We Have Industry Experience

In fact, we have 25+ years of industry experience! We keep up with the latest methods and equipment so we can continue to deliver amazing results.

We’re Highly Qualified

When you’re undertaking a serious job like tree lopping or tree removal, it’s essential you hire a professional with the qualifications to get the job done safely and correctly. Our arborists are experts in tree cutting, no matter how small or complex the project is.


We Put Safety First

We’re fully insured up to $20 million for peace of mind and we are constantly upgrading our skills to ensure we remain current with industry standards.

We Are Customer-Focused

Whether you need us to complete a tree removal permit, prune a branch or redesign your entire backyard, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. We’re there for the entire process and are always happy to answer your questions every step of the way.

The Local Specialists In Tree Services

Take control of your yard and hire a professional in tree lopping in Labrador. We can help you care for your trees with customised solutions made to suit your local environment. Fill out our online quote form or call our friendly team to discuss your needs.

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