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Nothing captures the subtropical, balmy beauty of the Gold Coast region like a tall, swaying palm tree. While beautiful to look at, palm trees can be difficult to clean and maintain due to their unique structure and height. Clean Cut Trees are extensively experienced in palm tree cleaning on the Gold Coast and can keep your trees looking attractive, safe and healthy.

Our team of highly skilled arborists can trim, prune and expertly maintain palm trees from the Gold Coast to Tweed Heads NSW, including suburb and acreage properties as well as commercial and body corporate. We use correct and non-invasive techniques to care for your palms and ensure they remain a pleasing sight on your property for many years to come.

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What Types Of Palm Trees Grow On The Gold Coast?

Tweed Heads Palm Tree Cleaning
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The most typical types of palm trees you’ll find growing in the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads regions include:

  •       Alexander Palms
  •       Washingtonia Palms
  •       Cocos Palms
  •       Golden Cane Palms
  •       Cuban Royal Palms
  •       Foxtail Palms

Benefits Of Palm Tree Cleaning

Keep Palms Healthy And Attractive

Removing dying or dead fronds keeps your palm trees and property looking nice and encourages healthy tree growth and structure.

Detract Bats and Birds

Palm trees often grow seed pods that can sprout flowers and fruit and attract unwanted guests, such as bats and birds. Seed pods should be removed to prevent animals eating the fruit and berries and leaving droppings on the ground which is both unsightly and unsanitary.

Stop Pest Infestation

An unkempt palm tree can also invite pests to nest in the trunk, roots and branches. Pests can weaken your trees and even lead to death.

Prevent Diseases

Diseases can infect your palm trees without regular care and maintenance. A professional arborist will know exactly what signs to look for to treat and prevent diseases in palms.

Remove Safety Hazards

Palm fronds can drop onto the floor and obstruct pathways and berries and seeds can drop onto slippery pool areas where they become a tripping hazard. Regularly pruning palm trees helps them to stay safe and well-maintained.

When Is The Best Time To Clean Palm Trees On The Gold Coast?

As palm trees begin to seed in early winter and again at the beginning of summer, it’s preferable to hire a professional arborist to clean your palms twice a year. Cleaning is best done when seeds first form for better results that last longer.

Professional Palm Cleaning Gold Coast

Palm tree cleaning and pruning requires special skills and knowledge to ensure your trees are strong and continue to be healthy long into the future. Clean Cut Trees have 25+ years’ expertise in palm tree cleaning on the Gold Coast. If you need to remove a palm tree in your home or business, we also offer palm tree removal. Give our friendly team a call today for a free quote and let us bring out the best in your palms.

palm cleaning gold coast
Palm cleaning on the Gold Coast