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Clean Cut Tree Services have specially trained Arborists to safely and quickly remove unwanted Palm Trees.

The Gold Coast is full of lush tropical gardens with plenty of feature palm trees. They are an iconic symbol of the typical sunny coastal lifestyle the Gold Coast is famous for. But sometimes our palms become a feature for all the wrong reasons. Dead hanging fronds, unwanted bats, stained and messy pathways or just unkempt and diseased, the list goes on. When your palms become unsightly and you’re in need of a Palm removal specialist, get in touch with us for a free quotation.



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Why choose Clean Cut Trees for Palm Tree Removal


One of the great benefits of palms is that they do not take up too much ground space. However, this can mean that palms are planted in tricky, hard to reach areas or in amongst pool decks, close to buildings or within heavily planted garden beds. Whatever the location of your palm, you can be sure that Clean Cut Tree Services will provide a safe solution for its removal. Our arborists have specialist equipment and specialist skills to safely lower all sections of your palm, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area

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Palms require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best. They typically require cleaning and the removal of seed pods once or twice a year, depending on the species of palm.  If you are looking to create a low maintenance garden, or just do not have the time for ongoing maintenance, palm removal may be a suitable option. With your palm trees removed, you will spend less time filling the wheelie bin with dead palm fronds and more time relaxing.

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Like trees and plants, some palms can be susceptible to pests and diseases. Left untreated, pests and disease can cause the head of palms to decay and die away. When this occurs, palms become unstable and are at risk of failure. Once the head of a palm dies, the palm tree cannot re-grow and will require removal. If you notice any significant die back within your palm fronds, or the growth doesn’t seem as green and healthy as it usually would get in touch with our Arborist for a free inspection.


Palm trees can have a wide-reaching root system, with potential to impact on retaining walls, pavers and some underground plumbing. Surface roots can cause pavers to lift in pool areas, or crack surrounding concrete. While it may be tempting to remove the offending root and re-lay your pavers, this is not a recommended solution. Root pruning can not only affect your palms health, but also the stability of you palm, leaving it at risk of total failure. The best, and safest option is total removal.


Palms such as Golden Canes and Cocos Palms we’re the height of back yard style in the 80’s and 90’s when much of the Gold Coast was developed. Now 30 – 40 years later some of these palms are much too large for their gardens, or may no longer fit with your modern newly renovated home. Our team can safely remove your unwanted palms and give you tips on new trees that might be more suitable to your space and current style.

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