Preparing Your Trees For Spring

Spring is finally here! It’s the end of winter and the season of new growth and colourful full blooms. Spring also marks new tree growth, gusty winds and the beginning of bushfire season. Preparing trees for Spring is an important part of tree care. Here are a few top tips for keeping your trees thriving during this season.

Complete Guide For Preparing Trees For Spring:

Spring, as commonly known, is a season full of beautiful flowers and flourishing trees. However, particularly in Queensland, the season comes with weather conditions and naturally occurring environmental changes. Here are a few examples.


As Queensland’s bushfire season begins, it is imperative to be ready for local fire incidences. To prevent your trees from adding fuel to the fire, follow these tips.

  • Clear your garden of fallen leaves and branches
  • Remove all leaves and debris from gutters
  • Pull out hanging and dead and palm fronds
  • Prune overhanging trees from homes and other structures
  • Remove dead trees

Call Clean Cut Trees for tree care services that may be dangerous for you to perform, such as Tree Removal and Tree Pruning (especially for large trees).

Growth of Seed Pods

Palm trees go into seed during Spring, and fallen seeds can become a messy eyesore in your garden. They can also attract unwanted bats, and to make matters worse, they can become slip hazards. As part of preparing trees in Spring, make it a point to check your Palm trees and have the seed pods removed.

Strong Gusty Winds

Queensland often experiences high winds during Spring, causing many trees and branches to fall. We highly recommend regularly checking for signs of tree decay and removing hanging branches and palm fronds to avoid any potential danger.

Book an arborist for a professional tree assessment. Some signs of tree decay may not be apparent to a layperson, but under the eyes of a trained arborist, any problems can be easily detected. They can provide you with the right advice for your tree and recommend necessary tree care services to address any issues.

Growth Over Areas

Spring weather encourages lots of beautiful fresh new growth. While we love seeing new fresh growth, they can become a problem when they start to hang low over roofs, pathways and your neighbour’s fences. If we fail to have this tree overgrowth pruned, it can create obstructions and impact to properties.

Preparing Trees For Spring: Prevention Can Help Your Trees Thrive

Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings, and this is especially true with trees. As we move out of winter and into the new growth season, there are some things you can do to help your trees thrive.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies when preparing trees for Spring. Paying attention to your tree’s health and being aware of the natural environmental conditions in spring can help keep your trees healthy and flourishing beautifully.

If you require any tree care service, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.

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