Signs You Need A Tree Trimming Service

Trees are beautiful when they are well maintained. They give an aesthetic appeal to your garden and can even add value to your property. However, if they look unkept, it’s one of the signs you need a  Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning

Often used interchangeably, Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning are quite similar, however, there is one main difference that sets them apart. Tree Pruning focuses on the tree’s stability and overall health, while Tree Trimming, or hedge maintenance, is done primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Tree Pruning involves removing diseased or dead limbs and hallowed branches that compromise the tree’s ability to grow. It requires careful assessment by an Arborist who will perform the service as they see necessary. On the other hand, Tree Trimming or topiary entails trimming small trees and shrubs to achieve a specific contour or height. It’s a Tree Maintenance service performed several times throughout the year for ornamental purposes or to form density for privacy screening. 

What Are The Signs You Need a Tree Trimming Service?

Hedges are Too Thick

Small trees, hedges or shrubs can become overgrown when unmaintained, making them vulnerable to many issues. Aside from appearing too heavy, leaves and branches that become too thick can block the needed sunlight from entering the innermost parts of the tree. Overgrowth also causes wind resistance resulting in weakened branches at risk of breaking and falling. Furthermore, overgrown shrubs and hedges become a nesting ground for pests, such as rodents and snakes.

Poorly Shaped Trees

Well maintained trees make a strong first impression. So it’s a sign you need a Tree Trimming service when your hedges have unusual growth or seem distorted. Distorted trees with branches that grow in different directions will appear unbalanced and can also develop structural integrity. 

Disproportionate Size to your Garden

Your trees should enhance your garden and serve as an embellishment to your property. Tree Trimming helps prevent small trees from thick and dense growth that can leave them looking disproportionate to the size of the land. Regular trimming will help discourage your shrubs and hedges from encroaching on areas where you have not intended them to grow. 

What To Do When You Notice Signs You Need Tree A Trimming Service? 

Tree Trimming on the Gold Coast is vital for tree care. Although it’s tempting to do it yourself, you will get the best results when a professional performs the service. They are trained to correctly and safely trim your small trees, shrubs and hedges and ensure they don’t compromise the tree’s health and integrity throughout the process.

If you notice any of the signs you a need  Tree Trimming Service or are unsure whether this is the service you actually need, please feel free to contact us.

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