When To Hire An Arborist

Apart from their environmental benefits, trees also serve aesthetic and practical purposes for private and public properties. They provide shade and privacy and enhance the feel and ambience of a venue or one’s home. There’s no doubt that trees provide many benefits; however, the upkeep and maintenance can require support and expertise from a knowledgeable arborist.

What Is An Arborist?

Arborists are tree care specialists who have undertaken formal training in identifying tree species and their growth habits. They can correctly manage, remove and prune trees and are trained in correct pruning techniques. In addition, Arborists are trained in the operation of specialist industry equipment, climbing and rigging practices and how to safely fell trees. 

Using their vast knowledge and extensive training enables professional Arborists to prescribe the best pruning methods to achieve desired outcomes or implement safe techniques to remove large trees or branches.

When To Hire An Arborist

Proper Tree Care/Maintenance

Arborists know the best time of year to undertake certain pruning. They understand what branches to remove, where to make the cuts, and how much foliage needs to be removed. They can also provide expert advice on maintaining healthy and beautiful tree growth.

Overgrown Branches

Another reason to hire an arborist is when trees start encroaching on buildings or leaning onto pathways due to their thick, massive branches. When removing large branches, it’s crucial to assess the impact on the tree. Removing too much can cause a tree to go into shock, resulting in significant dieback. Alternatively, the tree may rapidly reproduce the lost foliage and produce poorly formed and weak branches.

Arborists understand which branches to cut or how much to remove to avoid causing damage and ensuring the tree’s health is maintained. 

Diseases/Other Threats

Diseases in trees typically occur through wounds caused by poor pruning practices or cracks and split into tree unions or branches that have naturally occurred over time. Arborists can help monitor any fungus or diseases that may occur or are already in existence and recommend any necessary action.

Removing Trees

Tree removal Gold Coast is required for many reasons. On the Gold Coast, removing trees because they have become too large for a property is common. Tree removal is also done to allow for building extensions and new development, and re-landscaping. It is also necessary when trees become hazardous to people and surrounding properties and when they obstruct areas like driveways and pathways with their roots.

Arborists can safely remove large trees by climbing and dismantling them section by section. They can rig and lower each section to the ground, meaning they can lower sections over houses, pools and fences and lower to the ground without any impact.

When To Hire An Arborist: When You Want Healthy Tree Growth

Trees are an integral part of our environment. With all the great benefits they provide, it’s important to remember that they require a level of maintenance and care that only a professional arborist can provide. If you need highly qualified arborists to get a job done quickly, hassle-free, and at a price you can afford, please contact us.

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