7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

Trees can be a valuable asset to any property, so keeping them healthy and looking their best is essential. Having occasional tree maintenance services, such as Tree Pruning, is part of proper tree care. If you’re wondering when to engage with a tree service company, then look out for the following signs:

Why Should You Consider Having Tree Pruning Services?

Tree Pruning on the Gold Coast is the process of removing loose, dead or diseased limbs and branches. Only trained, professional Arborists have the advanced tree care knowledge to identify what to remove or if it’s even necessary.

Compared to Tree Trimming, which focuses more on a tree’s aesthetics, Tree pruning is performed generally for the tree’s health – to encourage or reduce growth, protect the tree from pests and diseases, to avoid it from causing damage, and ultimately to help the tree flourish. 

Tree Pruning Gold Coast: 7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

Broken Branches

Branches can come down in the wake of a heavy storm. If you notice any broken, splintering or bowing branches, it means they have weakened and can become highly hazardous very quickly. They may fall at any time and can cause injury. 


Thick trees may look good in your garden, but too much or growth that’s too fast should be a concern. If the tree is thick enough that you can’t see through the branches, it has become too dense. This excessive canopy growth can block the sunlight and hinder it from filtering through all the tree parts. It may also become a risk, especially during storms and high winds. 

A dense canopy creates are greater resistance to wind, which can lead to failed and broken branches. When tree canopies are thinner, they let the wind through, creating less resistance, and therefore it’s less likely to cause any damage.

Cracks In The Branch

Several cracks on individual branches may mean there’s an existing disease or pest infestation that can spread throughout the tree and cause it to die – this requires proper tree treatment. If it’s just in the branch,  then tree pruning can address the issue. 

Unusual Shape

Misshapen trees or those that grow in an unusual direction will have uneven or unproportionate weight distribution. It can lead to structural weakening and branches eventually breaking, which is dangerous for people and surrounding properties.

Untidy Branches

Watch out for thick, massive branches encroaching on buildings and neighbours’ fences, as well as low hanging branches in the way of roads and coastal view and leaning onto pathways. If you notice these untidy or untamed branches, which may appear particularly after a wet summer, it’s best to have Tree Pruning services. 

Crossing Branches

Branches that are growing in a healthy direction do not cross or rest on each other. This unhealthy growth is a massive problem for trees because the branch’s exterior is exposed, and rubbing against one another may cause decay.

Dead Limbs

Parts of a tree that don’t produce foliage means they are dead. It’s normal for a tree to produce deadwood during dry seasons or drought. It’s a survival technique where they cut off nutrients to non-essential limbs and re-direct moisture and nutrients to the essential parts of the tree. For Queensland this is usually through winter, leaving deadwood prone to failure when storm season starts in September. We recommend having this deadwood pruned regularly as dead limbs are more likely to fall eventually and may cause damage.  

Do You See the Signs Your Trees Need Pruning? Contact Clean Cut Trees for Tree Pruning Gold Coast Services

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s likely time to have a Tree Pruning service performed. By keeping your trees healthy and well-maintained, you’ll enjoy their beauty, shade and many other benefits for years to come. 

If you have questions, please get in touch with us. We follow Pruning Amenity Trees AS:4373 standard when undertaking all pruning work. We would be happy to help.

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