Basics Of Tree Care: What You Need To Know About Growing Trees On Your Property

We love trees! As the beating heart of the ecosystem, trees provide natural resources essential for all living things on the planet to survive. In addition, their aesthetic features make them excellent decorative elements in gardens that can increase the value of any property. With all the benefits trees give us, we must understand the basics of tree care, so they can continue flourishing.

Basics of Tree Care: What You Should Know

Which Trees to Grow

Selecting the right tree species to grow on your property is the first and probably the most crucial part of basic tree care.

Choose the tree species according to:

  • Purpose for having them – Aesthetic, shading or privacy?
  • Size of your property – Choose those that are proportionate to your garden.
  • Surrounding structures – Overhanging branches may cause issues with neighbours.
  • Type of soil present in your land – do you have deep or shallow soil?
  • Capability to fulfil responsibilities as a tree owner – Some species require more upkeep than others.

As a rule of thumb, pick species that grow natively in your area or ask a qualified Arborist for their recommendations.

How To Plant Trees

Although it may seem simple, there are multiple things to consider when planting trees to ensure they grow optimally.

  • Follow proper planting depth. If the hole is too deep, the roots won’t get enough oxygen to develop.
  • Consider the spacing. Make sure there’s enough space between trees, as planting them too close together can affect the amount of sunlight they receive.
  • Ensure you don’t hit and damage underground utilities, such as water lines or power cables.

Tree Care Maintenance

The basics of tree care maintenance begin after putting the seedling or the young tree in the ground. Here are the fundamental steps to follow:

  • Water the plants. The amount of water a tree requires depends on the species. Some trees that natively grow in Australia can go for several weeks without a single drop.
  • Use Fertilisers. Whilst trees in the wild get enough nutrients in their natural habitat, domestic trees may need commercially-made fertilisers of organic ones such as compost and manure.
  • Add Mulch for extra protection. Forest Mulch is a robust product from trees processed in a woodchipper. They are dark in colour and can accentuate trees and other plants with contrasting hues. They also help retain moisture, protect soil from erosion and improve soil condition.

When To Engage Professional Tree Care Services

Like humans, trees also need regular checkups to determine existing conditions and avoid potential issues. Qualified Arborists such as our team can help conduct assessments and recommend necessary Tree Care Services such as Tree Lopping, Tree Pruning, Palm Tree Cleaning and Tree Removal on the Gold Coast. We can also provide expert advice on tree care maintenance.

Apply The Basics Of Tree Care

Trees play an important role in the local community, but unfortunately, can be often neglected. Applying the basics of tree care ensures they stay healthy so we can continue to enjoy the benefits they provide.

If you need any Tree Care Services or have questions about planting trees in your garden, please contact us.

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