Best Ways To Prepare Trees For Storm Season

What are the best ways to prepare trees for storm season? December to February are summer months in Australia, and with the Gold Coast being a subtropical region, short storms are common during these months. The area sees wind gusts and the highest rainfall, so storm proofing trees is crucial. A healthy tree standing tall for decades doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t cause damage during a storm. Preparing trees for storm season is part of mitigating its risk to properties surrounding it and the entire community.

Here are 4 Ways to Prepare Trees for Storm Season

Have Trees Inspected Regularly

Tree inspections are essential to determine any risks. A professional arborist can provide you with tree maintenance advice and advise whether you need tree removal services on the Gold Coast. It’s all dependent on what type of issue they find during an inspection.

If your trees are damaged in any way such as deep cracks in trunks, deformed or decayed and hanging branches, infestation, or other issues, it will likely require professional tree services. We highly recommend seeking advice before the situation turns into a safety issue. 

Using Stakes for Juvenile Trees

Stakes can be used to support juvenile or recently planted trees to help keep them upright during high winds. Stakes and rope should not be used on any semi mature or mature vegetation.

If juvenile trees are going to be staked, it’s important to remove bindings once the main stem of the tree is strong enough to support itself.

Avoid Stress on the Roots

To keep the roots strong and deeply grounded, avoid activities that may compromise the integrity of the soil surrounding trees. This includes construction work, excavations, or any other potential stressor to a tree’s root system, such as compacting its footing with heavy equipment. Remember that strong, healthy roots can help keep the trees stable during storms.

Have a Professional Arborist Perform Tree Pruning

There’s a lot of debate about whether pruning is necessary for tree maintenance. Our advice is tree pruning can help develop a strong central trunk that will help trees withstand high winds. Having said that, we highly recommend this is done by a professional arborist (holding a certificate 3 in Arboriculture) who strictly follows Pruning Amenity Trees AS:4373 standard. 

Ask Your Trusted Tree Services Provider for Ways to Prepare Trees for Storm Season

Together, trees and storms can be hazardous if you’re ill prepared. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ works perfectly well in such cases. Following these ways to prepare trees for storm season will help protect your property and your family and keep your trees healthy for years to come.  

If you need expert advice about your tree’s health and how to prepare them for storms, please get in touch with us.

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