How To Tell When It’s Time For A Professional Palm Tree Cleaning Service

Palm trees are the quintessential tropical plants that add a touch of paradise to any Gold Coast property. They are stunning, provide ample shade and are quite easy to maintain. To keep them healthy and looking their best, keep an eye out for the signs your palm trees need some maintenance and extra TLC, so you can call a professional palm tree cleaning service provider, like Clean Cut Trees.

Signs Your Palm Trees Need A Professional Palm Tree Cleaning Service

Growth of Seed Pods

Palm trees frequently produce seed pods that can develop flowers and fruits and can, unfortunately, attract unwelcome visitors, such as bats, rats and mice. Rats and mice, in particular, eat the seeds, so they will often build nests near a regular food source.  To avoid these wildlife consuming the fruit and berries and leaving unsightly, unsanitary droppings on the ground, it is recommended to remove the seed pods

In addition, some palm species also produce large, heavy seed pods that can pose a danger when they fall from the tree. Having a professional remove these helps reduce the risk to people or property.

Excess Dead Fronds

Self-cleaning palm species will drop fronds to the ground, but seeds will require removal. The main hazard associated with self-cleaning palms is the falling of heavy fronds and the impact they can cause on the surroundings

On the other hand, non-self cleaning palms will retain their dead fronds, causing a build-up of unsightly brown fronds below new green foliage. The dead fronds can attract pests and fungus, and put the palm at risk of decay.

Pest Infestation

Palm trees can be susceptible to various pests, such as Palm Weevils and Mealybugs. Common signs that pests have infiltrated your palm tree are:

  • Small holes in the trunk
  • Unusual amount of sticky sap around the tree base of the
  • Yellowed or spotted leaves
  • Distorted growth
  • Weakened trunks

A professional arborist can assess the situation and recommend appropriate treatments.

Pruning your Palm

When pruning palm trees, it’s important not to remove too many live fronds, as this can cause dieback in the palm’s head. If this happens, the tree may not survive. However, palm trees can grow at significant heights and can be challenging to prune safely. Property owners may not be able to reach the top with regular ladders. Pruning tall palms requires specialised access equipment, such as elevating work platforms (EWP’s) or an arborist to climb in order to access the fronds and seeds that require removal.

Unusual Shape/Appearance

Palm trees are a prominent feature of many Gold Coast properties, contributing to the overall appeal and value of homes and businesses. If a palm has lost lots of fronds or they are yellowing and look unhealthy, they may need attention. If left unmaintained and all fronds die or fall out, the palm can not re-grow and will need to be removed.

Having a Palm Tree Cleaning Service Done Regularly Can Keep Your Palms in Tiptop Condition

Keeping an eye out for these signs will help your palm trees stay healthy, safe, and beautiful all year round. We advise having your palm trees cleaned twice a year, specifically at the onset of winter and early summer when seeding occurs. Cleaning small clumping palms, such as Golden Canes, can be a DIY task, but outdoor palm trees are far riskier to work on because of their significant height. These are best left to the trained professionals.

If you need palm tree cleaning services on the Gold Coast, feel free to reach out to our expert team. We’re happy to help.

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