Removing A Tree Stump: What To Know About Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are common in forests and bushlands, but they can also be found on urban properties. Stumps are the base of the trees that remain intact after performing a Tree Removal service. If you have tree stumps on your property and want to get rid of them, having a Stump Grinding service is your best option. 

Why you Should Consider Removing Tree Stumps

Tree stumps break down naturally after many years, usually with little intervention needed from humans. However, many property owners want them removed as they can become tripping hazards and a form of obstruction (aside from being an eyesore). They can also be potential nests for pests. 

TRIVIA: Do you know that the concentric rings on the tree stump signify the number of years the tree has lived and if left untreated, tree stumps can into new trees? 

What is the Stump Grinding Process?

As its name suggests, Stump Grinding on the Gold Coast is manually shredding or grinding the tree stump into tiny pieces using specialised machinery and without the use of chemicals. It only removes the part that sticks out while the root system remains firmly stuck in the ground. Without the light source, it can no longer grow.

The goal is to flatten it and take it between 150-300 mm below ground level, making it practically invisible. The shredded stump becomes a pile of wood chips, excellent for making mulch.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

  • Flattens the ground, improving the appearance of your garden
  • Removes trip hazards and provides convenient access to your property
  • Reduces the risk of termites and ants infestation 
  • Eliminates possible breeding ground of snakes and other animals
  • Prepares the land for construction or landscaping

Cost of Stump Grinding Service

The cost to grind a tree stump is based on its circumference and diameter. The type of wood and how hard it is affects how long it takes to complete the work. For example, some trees have harder wood than others, making them more difficult to grind through, which will require longer griding sessions. 

Whilst we can grind surface roots, they can pose risks to underground services and surrounding gardens or turfed areas. Because of this, we usually grind only the significant surface roots.

Leave the Stump Grinding to the Experts

Do you have a tree stump you need to clear out? Never attempt to perform stump grinding yourself to avoid serious injury and damage to your garden and potential surrounding properties, we suggest you engage a team of experts.

Clean Cut Trees has a team of expert and experienced ground staff to help you. Feel free to book an appointment so we can discuss your needs.

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