Signs It’s Time To Have A Tree Removal Service Done For Your Garden

There is no doubt that trees serve countless vital purposes in our lives. Aside from their environmental benefits, they make our gardens aesthetically pleasing. However, there are times when property owners need to decide whether or not to remove a tree from their garden. Trees may sometimes grow too large, overhang structures on the property or cause danger. Tree removal, in some cases, is the only recourse to keep everyone and the property safe. If you’re unsure if you need to book a tree removal service for your garden, here are some signs that may indicate it’s time.

Tree Removal Service: Common Signs To Have A Tree Removed

Unhealthy Tree

Yes, that’s right, trees can become sick too. When faced with a severely sick tree, then you should consider tree removal. A basic check of the tree’s appearance can help you determine its health. Unhealthy trees often display symptoms such as:

  • Stunted growth or growing at an unusual shape or form for the species
  • Discolouration or spots on leaves, which could mean the presence of disease 
  • Leaves falling out of season 
  • Excessive debris (leaves, fruits, seeds) can cause property damage and become a fire hazard

Deep Cracks or Cavities in the Trunk

A tree’s trunk is its backbone. While healthy trees can withstand some wear and tear and have superficial cracks, the appearance of very deep crevices that spread out across the trunk is a sign of a more serious problem. Large cavities that can hollow out the tree, over time can be concerning. It may mean an infestation of pests and dangerous fungi and bacteria that can be contagious to other trees.

These cracks and cavities negatively affect the tree’s integrity, making it weaker and not have a solid structure, with the risk being, it could topple over at any moment. Cracks and cavities can also be a sign that a tree is dying.

Root Damage

The most important part of a tree, arguably, are its roots which are vital for the tree’s absorption of nutrients and serve as its foundation, keeping a tree vertically stable. 

Damaged roots often appear rotting or decaying. You may also see a large space between the tree and the ground because the tree has lifted. Another obvious warning sign of a poor root system is the tree tilting on the side. This means the root is struggling to keep the tree in place.

Growing Too Close to Structures

The tree’s proximity to structures such as buildings and homes is one of the most common reasons to engage with a tree removal service. Think about how close the tree is to your house and the damage it can make when there’s a build up of leaves and other debris blocking the rooflines and gutters.

Overgrown trees may tend to encroach on buildings and obstruct views for drivers and pedestrians below them. The tree’s heavy branches that have a risk of falling on the structures close to it are obviously safety hazards and should be addressed immediately.

Do You Need Tree Removal Service For Your Garden? Book Now.

It’s important to make sure your trees keep your garden not only beautiful but also safe. If you notice any of these signs, book a tree removal service so our Arborists can conduct an assessment or phone us so we can answer your questions.

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