4 Signs A Tree Is About To Fall

There’s so much to love about trees! They are an essential part of our ecosystem, they add beauty to our surroundings and can even help increase the value of properties. That’s why it is important to recognise the health status of our trees, especially when it looks like it is about to fall. In this article, we will talk about the signs a tree is about to fall so that we can address it immediately.

4 Signs A Tree Is About To Fall

Dropping Branches 

Dropping branches is part of a tree’s typical growth cycle, particularly during extended periods of dry weather. However, if you notice significant dieback within the canopy of your tree or large sections of the tree are failing, your tree may be about to fall completely.

It is necessary to have an Arborist Gold Coast conduct further inspection on the tree to determine whether decay is present and, if so, the severity of the case. As more decay spreads, the tree’s structural integrity may be affected.

Tree Starts Leaning

It can be worrying when you notice your tree starts leaning, but this can be because of its root structure. The tell-tale signs you need to watch out for are when your tree moves back and forth and constantly shifts. 

If gaps or holes in the soil around the base of the tree are present, this can cause movement and create a lean with a high possibility of falling. Have it checked immediately to avoid potential danger and harm it can cause to people, pets and surrounding properties. 

Mushrooms Growing At The Base

Mushrooms that sprout at the base of the tree are not particularly harmful, but some types are highly pathogenic. Fungus growth on a tree trunk or at its base can be a sign of internal decay. This compromises the tree’s stability and has a high risk of failure. If you notice these growths in or around your mature trees, have an arborist carry out an inspection to avoid total tree failure.

Multiple Trunks

It’s important to ensure multi stemmed trees are pruned correctly to create a balanced canopy and reduce wind resistance. If multi-stemmed trees are properly cared for and maintained, they shouldn’t be at risk of splitting or failure. The bifurcation points in trees can also be susceptible to fungus growth and should be monitored.

Call An Arborist Immediately When You See Signs A Tree Is About To Fall

Trees provide many benefits to our environment and communities. It’s vital that we take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves, our property and trees safe. By being aware of the warning signs a tree is about to fall, we can address any potential hazards before they become a problem and make informed decisions about the health of our trees.

If you have any questions or notice issues with your trees and need an accurate assessment, please get in touch with Clean Cut Trees immediately. We can recommend the necessary Tree Maintenance or Tree Care Services such as Tree Pruning or Tree Removal.

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