Tree Care In Wet Weather

Our precious trees bear the effects of weather, and as many parts of the country experience more rain, it is important to remember that our trees need a little more TLC and upkeep. Here are some excellent tips on tree care in wet weather.

The Dangers of Wet Soil

The natural water cycle in soil is vital to tree life. Soil fertility and structure depend on how well they retain moisture. Whilst trees love a good watering, too much moisture can cause various conditions that are perilous to trees. Here are some of them:

  • Excessive  Moisture Level

During prolonged periods of rain, water tends to fill the air spaces that naturally occur in soil. It takes too long for the water to drain, and the tree’s roots can drown. A heavy downpour following a long drought can also make plants that have otherwise survived dry weather unable to cope due to too much moisture, causing the tree to die.

  • Tree Diseases

A considerable problem for trees in wet soil is developing diseases, such as root rot disease. It increases the tree’s susceptibility to crown dieback and other diseases appearing on above-ground parts such as branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

  • Nutrient Loss

Subsequent to heavy, persistent rains, trees tend to have visible overgrowth and weeds sprouting everywhere, which can have a detrimental effect as they leach nutrients from the soil, making trees nutrient deficient.

Tips for Caring for Trees in Wet Weather

  • Improving Drainage

The best way to avoid problems when it rains excessively is by taking preventative measures, such as installing more surface and sub-surface drainage. Conduct a quick assessment of your property to ensure all existing drains are clear from blockages.

  • Inspect for Diseases or Fungal Infections

The effects of fungal infections on foliage and flowers are often more visible during persistent wet weather. You may notice rust, blight or mildew, and black spot with sooty mould. If you notice signs of diseases on your trees, call an Arborist on the Gold Coast immediately.

  • Remove Weeds

An excellent way of caring for trees in wet weather is by doing regular manual weeding and hoeing to avoid weeds from taking over your garden and leaching on nutrients that your trees are supposed to get.

  • Add Mulch

Adding a thin layer of mulch is a great method to keep the soil moist while keeping it weed-free during periods of heavy rain. It also helps control disease organisms from growing, preventing them from spreading into our gardens.

Before and after every rain, check your mulched area for any problems. Rake or renew as necessary to ensure everything stays healthy underneath all those layers.

Tree Care In Wet Weather Is Essential To Keep Trees Healthy

Trees are a vital part of your property and the community. It’s important to take extra care in extreme weather conditions, such as incessant rain, as they become more delicate and vulnerable.

If you have any questions about caring for trees in wet weather or need help with Tree Maintenance, please call us. We’d love to help!

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