Tree Removal Gold Coast: Do You Need Council Approval?

We all know that trees are vital to the environment. They reduce air pollution, provide habitat to wildlife, provide shade to cool the air, and so much more. On the Gold Coast, we also love having them in our gardens as they make the space beautiful and can even increase the value of our property. While trees provide countless benefits, some cases require tree removal, and as a property owner, it is important to understand what the legal requirements are and what you can do.

What Is Tree Removal and When Should It Be Done?

Tree removal is the process of cutting down, removing, and disposing of a tree from a particular area. Our team’s mission is preservation, and we will always work on this as our first priority. However, sometimes this is unavoidable, and options such as tree pruning are not enough to resolve the problem.

In such cases, there may be numerous issues that must be addressed, and complete tree removal is necessary to prevent any further hazards. These issues can include:

  • Dying or dead trees
  • Land clearing for development
  • Proximity to structures 
  • Root system issues (jeopardises pathways and foundations)
  • Pest and disease infestation that is beyond treatment
  • Major structural weakness or damage

Tree Removal Gold Coast: When Is Approval Required?

Some trees on the Gold Coast are protected and require city council approval for tree removal. To make things easy, here is a General Overview of what is typically allowed to be removed on private properties on the Gold Coast.

Please keep in mind that there could be exceptions for certain properties based on their size and zoning overlays. Best practice is to contact an arborist to confirm the type and location of any trees before undertaking tree removal to ensure that you comply with the relevant Queensland tree removal regulations.

Note: Below requirements only apply to privately owned lots. All trees located on body corporate and common property are protected and require council approval prior to tree removal.

Gold Coast City Council approval is NOT required if the tree is:

  • Within 3 meters of an approved building structure (e.g., house, garage, or shed – distances vary according to lot size)
  • Within 1.5 meters of an existing fence or pool fence
  • Smaller than 4 meters in height or less than 40 centimetres in circumference at 1.4 metres above ground level
  • Under the canopy of taller trees on a lot size less than 1000 square metres
  • Any pest species identified by a Level 3 Arborist (e.g., Slash Pine Tree and Umbrella Tree, Cocos Palm, Coral Tree, Cadagi Tree)
  • Located around an approved dwelling within the Bushfire Hazard Map and deemed a potential fire hazard and no existing bushfire management plan
  • Determined as potentially dangerous by a Council Level 5 arborist

If your tree fits the above description, it is unnecessary to lodge a tree removal application to the Gold Coast City Council. However, we always recommend contacting our highly trained arborists to perform a thorough examination and confirm the condition, species and location of the tree prior to having tree removal services.

Tree Removal Gold Coast: Engage The Service Of Qualified Arborists

Trees are a crucial part of the environment and a valuable asset to any property. Sometimes, unfortunately, preservation is not an option, and tree removal is necessary for certain situations. As property owners, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the legal requirements of tree removal to avoid penalties, keep your area safe and encourage healthy vegetation. If you find yourself in need of bamboo removal services or tree removal services, give us a call

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